5 Questions with Manuel Riva

Manuel Riva sat down with us at the Moooi pop-up studio during the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam for a chat. He talks of latest projects, his ADE experience, and takes part in our Take-5 series.

Manuel Riva is a Romanian DJ and record producer. His music career can be traced back to 2001, with the Romanian band Demmo.

It is clear how seriously Manuel Riva takes his music: when asked about his ADE experience, he talks about the busyness and the upcoming studio sessions. Partying? “Work first,” he confidently states.

Manuel Riva

This most likely accounts for his success, seeing as his single “Miami” reached number 10 on Billboard’s Dance Club Songs. He excitedly talks about latest single “What Mama Said,” which he expects to do just as well. Fans can expect even more great hits from the artist, as he shares, “The craziest period is just about to begin. On Friday I’m releasing something new. Next week, I’m releasing something new, then the big single is coming in one month… it’s going to come out at the same time as my first album.”

Despite all of the anticipation and dedicated work, the artist is in a lighthearted mood. When asked what position he’d be in if he were to join a circus, he said, “Probably a clown, and I don’t need too much makeup or costume!”

When asked which DJs he would take with him to survive in the Amazon Rain Forest for a year, the artist picks Armin van Buuren first, sharing that he had the chance to meet him the night prior in ADE. He also picks Axwell, who he says is one of his favorite producers. The jokes continue as when asked if they would all survive in the rainforest, he answers, “Yeah… At least some of us.”

To learn more about Manuel Riva, including which unconventional artist he’d like to collaborate with, listen to our interview with him below

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