ManyFew’s Inspiring Take on Collaboration

Swedish sibling-duo ManyFew stopped by the BPM Supreme pop-up studio during the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam to chat about their latest projects and take our Take 5 quiz.

While they were in the BPM Supreme pop-up studio with us, ManyFew dropped news of two new tracks. One is an EDM track called “Perfect Havoc,” and the other is a collaboration with a mysterious, yet-to-be-announced Swedish DJ.

On the question of what job they’d like to have if they joined the circus, they said:

“Oh, that’s a hard one, but very fun. I know that we can jump pretty high, so maybe we can do some tricks like that. I would say that I’d go for the trampoline, for sure.”


When asked what their ideal superpower was, they said:

“Um, the ability to hear what animals are thinking. Yeah, to be able to talk with animals would be really cool.”

When asked what music industry people they’d want to be stranded in the wilderness with, they said:

“Some really fun people. We need some singers for sure, so we can create some toplines and new music. But I would say that I’d bring David Guetta and my little brother here… yeah maybe a female singer, Alicia Keys, maybe? David Guetta, Victor, and Beyonce, AND Alicia Keys.”

When asked what advice they’d give an up-and-coming DJ or producer, they said:

“Of course, believe in yourself. It’s very important. And to get new music, of course, today, the streaming services are really good, but if you’re going to start producing music, just reach out to people on Instagram and their social media. Nowadays, there’s endless possibilities to find new music. Just go for it and reach out to people… and find your own way to break the noise.”

Check out the interview here, and find out what ManyFew’s favorite dog breeds are, which of Snow White’s seven dwarfs they’d be, and how they spent their ADE.

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