A Conversation with the Happiest DJ in Progressive Trance: Mark Sixma

Mark Sixma spoke to us at the Moooi pop-up studio at the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam about his latest releases, the exciting direction his music will be going in and he also played our Take-5 Series.

Mark Sixma is a leading Dutch DJ and producer of trance and progressive house. He has collaborated with some of the biggest names in trance including Armin van Buuren, Faruk Sabanci, and W&W. He is known for his iconic remix of “When in Rome” and his hit singles “Million Miles” and “Our Song”. He is a resident artist at Armada Music and has begun experimenting with progressive music.

Mark Sixma takes a uniquely happy approach to the music industry despite his insanely busy schedule. To Mark Sixma, music is a collaborative process and finds joy in working with his talented friends in the world of progressive trance.

“So I'm meeting with a lot of producers and singer-songwriters this week at the Armada office, in cloud nine. I'm working with some of my friends in the business as well such as Kashmir on the new, exciting stuff, but obviously, nothing finished… I'm focusing on a whole new thing again already. So I have so many tracks in the pipeline.”

It is no surprise Mark Sixma is so joyful after the success of his latest progressive trance album The World of Six. Fans fell in love with the concept of each track being assigned a specific theme. Each track represented one of Energy, Unity, Creativity, Dedication, Interaction, and Positivity. The World of Six reflects Mark Sixma’s love for pushing the musical boundaries.

A joyful approach to life is found in all of Mark Sixma’s progressive trance, especially in his new single “Meet Again”. This collaboration with the Italian DJ Anvy is no different. Produced in the wet Dutch Spring, ‘Meet Again’ is optimistic. Mark Sixma described his reason for producing this track: “Right now if you are in Amsterdam it’s raining, its cold. “We miss the summer, we miss the sun”. ‘Meet Again’ is certain to bring festival crowds to life this summer, with its sparkling vocals, powerful bass lines, and pulsating synths.

Mark Sixma promises “Meet Again” is just the start in a new era of his work. He wants to “diversify” by moving away from pure trance towards something more progressive and aimed at a wider audience. We can look forward to more vocal and organic sounds in Mark Sixma’s upcoming work. A move towards more progressive music is an exciting development in Mark Sixma’s music.

To find out more about Mark Sixma’s upcoming singles, where he sees his music going next, and his love of room service, check out the whole interview below. Be sure to keep up with Mark Sixma’s releases as they are certain to be revolutionary in the world of dance music.

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