Happy EDM Producer Melsen Joins Us At ADE

Melsen joined us at our BPM Supreme pop-up studio at Amsterdam ADE. He told us about his latest work and the tracks he was pushing at ADE. The producer also took part in our Take-5 Series where he told us how he finds new music, which of the seven dwarfs he’d be, and which DJs he would take to the Amazon Rainforest. Find out what he said below.

Melsen is a Dutch dance music producer from the Netherlands. The producer has already attracted attention from Tiesto, David Guetta, and Armin van Buuren for his funky and melodic take on dance music. He came onto the scene in 2016 with his tracks ‘Feeling, ‘Alarm’, and ‘Brooklyn’. Melsen is stylistically modern, but you can hear the influence of Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson in his work. 

When we asked him which of the seven dwarfs he would be, Melsen gave us an excellent answer to reflect his music. “I would be happy, of course I am not happy all of the time, but in general I am positive. I hope to bring that across in my music. I don’t make a lot of the really deep and sinister stuff. I am really into the melodic stuff that people can dance to. Maybe make them cry of happiness. 

When we spoke to Melsen, he was in a productive year of studio work, trying to build up his career to a point where he can begin to tour. He released the single ‘Right Here’ on Hexagon Records on the day we spoke to Melsen. The producer was proud of the emotion in the lyrics as well as the catchy drop. The track gained support from Don Diablo and set up Melsen to release on Don Diablo’s label.

ADE for Melsen was a chance to show off his demos. The producer told us about the huge amount of demos he had made, and how ADE was an opportunity to attract labels’ attention to them. 

Melsen also took part in our Take-5 series, where we asked him which DJs he would take to the Amazon Rainforest. The producer asked for Don Diablo to honour the influence Don Diablo has had on him. Melsen would also take Carl Cox. The DJ is not the style of music that Melsen traditionally goes for, but he loves how Carl Cox can light up a late-night set.

As part of our partnership with BPM Supreme, we asked Melsen what advice he has for finding new music. The producer told us how much he loves SoundCloud, although he did admit it is declining now. Even though it cannot boast the popularity it once had, Melsen still thinks it is an excellent place to find fresh remixes and new ideas.

Melsen continues to plug away at advancing his career, bringing joyful melodies to EDM fans. Listen to Nexus Radio to catch up on his latest releases. If you want to hear our full interview with Melsen, then head over to the Nexus Radio website.

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