How DJ Mike Williams Came Up with His Sly Name

Mike Williams sat down with us in our pop-up studio during the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam.

Mike Williams is a Dutch DJ best known for his work in Spinnin’ Records, which includes collaborations with artists such as Tiësto. He is widely regarded as one of the pioneers of an emerging genre, future bounce, a subgenre of future house. His latest release is single “Face Up To The Sun,” a collaboration with Justin Mylo and Sara Sangfelt.

Mike talked excitedly on the eve of his own event at ADE. He talks about releasing his new merchandise, taking the main stage during Tomorrowland, and being interested in collaborating with artists with a completely different sound from him, like Post Malone. “How would you combine those styles?” he marvels.

Mike Williams

We found out more about him as he took part in our Take-5 series

Amongst the seven dwarves, Mike closely relates most to Happy. Though he quickly retracts with a statement we think all listeners can relate to: “I could be Grumpy in the mornings, though.”

When asked which three DJs he’d take with him to the Amazon Rainforest for a year, he strategically selects his choices: Kura for muscles, Mesto for socialness, and Kshmr, just to throw in there.

To learn more about Mike Williams, including his favorite sushi restaurant and what his superpower would be, listen to our audio interview with him below:

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