Iconic Techno Legend Moguai Talks New Releases

Moguai spoke to us at the K-Swiss pop-up studio at ADE in Amsterdam about the incredible releases coming out of his intense gigging and studio schedule.  

Moguai is a German DJ and producer from Marl in West Germany. He gained prominence with his signature techno sound and the infamous club nights he ran in the early 90s. Moguai still produces heavy-weight techno, which he has modernized by combining it with more modern house music.

When talking to Moguai, his love for the art form is intense and clear. He is a legend on the scene and producing and gigging comes naturally to Moguai. “I love what I am doing, it is not like uh I have to, uh I have to now! It is just doing. Like driving a car”.

Moguai’s recent releases are too numerous to name them all. However, two caught our attention instantly

Firstly, Moguai’s retro influences are substantial in his most recent work with the producer Oliver Helderns. Their techno cover of the iconic 80s track ‘Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime’ has been lighting up European clubs since its release.

Moguai’s immensely popular techno anthem ACCIID has received a re-release and remix from the producers Kryder and Benny Benassi. The shortened, more punchy version of ACCIID, is certain to be blasted by all good radio stations.

We also played our Take-5 game with Moguai, and asked him if he was stuck in the Amazon Rainforest, which three DJs would he bring with him? Moguai compiled an excellent trio of 90s icons: Stéphane Pompougnac, Aphex Twin, and CJ Bolland.

To discover the rest of Moguai’s latest techno sounds and to get his tips on removing a hangover, listen to the whole interview on the Nexus Radio website.

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