A Conversation with Liverpool’s Up-and-Coming House DJs Nightlapse

We spoke to the up-and-coming DJs Nightlapse at the BPM Supreme Pop-Up Studio in Amsterdam. They told us about the new releases they were working on for MK’s AREA10 label, the opportunities that were coming their way, and they took part in our Take-5 series.

Nightlapse are a producing and DJing duo that formed in 2010. Nightlapse are from Liverpool and owes a lot of their fame to MK. He invited them to remix his singles “One Night” and “Back and Forth”, gave them their first major gig, and signed them to his AREA10 label. The DJs mainly create house music with a pop-influenced sound.

When we spoke to Nightlapse, their career had just taken an upswing and they were coming off of 6 months DJing alongside MK.  ‘So we’ve just signed a record deal with MK’s AREA10, so we’ve literally just been making music, making music… we’re just setting up a release schedule for the next 6 months… We can’t wait for them to just start coming out’.

The Nightlapse DJs used to come to ADE before their career took off and it was clear that they still love the vibes and great music available at ADE. ADE19 was all about making new music for Nightlapse. They wanted to grab the opportunity that had been given to them with both hands. The DJs were clearly buzzing coming off a writing camp with Ultra Music and having spent time in the studio with KC Lights.

At ADE, Nightlapse teased us with a new track featuring vocalist and DJ Roland Clark. ‘Change Minds’ begins unconventionally with some spoken word from Clark, but it quickly drops into a conventional tech house banger, instantly club-ready. The message of the track is loud and clear, Clark yells at one point “there is nothing as powerful as a changed mind. The DJs just about managed to get this track out before 2020 began.

Nightlapse teased another new track at ADE. ‘Got That Feeling’ was released in April 2020 and is a classic house track without any clear vocals. It has powerful bass drums that build into an excellent drop. With ‘Got That Feeling’, the DJs have created an endlessly danceable track that will fit seamlessly into their festival set. It is no surprise that Nightlapse could boast of Fisher’s vote of confidence for this track. 

Our chat with Nightlapse got even more fun when they took part in our Take-5 series. We asked the DJs which musicians and producers they would take to a desert island. They instantly suggested KC Lights as he was the only DJ they thought could keep up with them at a party. They also suggested Fisher to bring the banter and laughs. 

Nightlapse’s career can only reach meteoric heights now. With MK’s backing and the supply of quality music they bring to the table, nothing can stop the duo. Head over to the Nexus Radio website to listen to the whole interview, and watch out for more releases and festival appearances from Nightlapse.  

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