5 Questions with Ofenbach

Ofenbach stopped by the BPM Supreme Pop-Up Studio at the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam to discuss latest projects, their ADE experience, and to take part in our Take 5 series. 

Ofenbach is a French DJ duo consisting of Dorian Lo and César de Rummel. They are best known for song “Be Mine,” which certified gold and charted on Billboard’s Dance/Mix Show Airplay Chart. 

In the middle of the craze of ADE, the duo seemed energetic and cheerful. The pair described their ADE experience, adding, “You know, we don’t have time to sleep. Not too much.” While that would sound like a nightmare to most people, the passionate artists were happy to promote, play live, and work with other talented DJs. 

The cheerful mood exuded itself in their answers, when asked what they would do if they were part of a circus, César jokingly answered, “The clown! Look at my hair… I like the red nose, too.” While the pair is perfectly in synch when it comes to music, this is one aspect where they differ. Dorian admits, “I am afraid of clowns, ever since I saw It. So I will quit the circus and the band will be destroyed by this, I think.” 

Ofenbach met at a young age when they were in school and have been close friends since, which explains their similar answers when asked which of the seven dwarves they would be: César would be Happy and Dorian would be Dopey. 

Straying from the traditional path that most EDM DJs take, Ofenbach enjoys playing what they describe as “organic” music, using instruments such as the drums and guitar, live. When asked what advice or tips they would give to make music, they responded: 

“I think more than being a DJ, the most important thing is to know how to make music. I will say, go and take some guitar or piano lessons… Before composing music, listen to a lot of music and different inspiration. If you listen to only electronic music, you will do the same as everyone else. If you listen to sounds from the seventies, some rock music, some classical music, your brand will be more of a mix, you’ll be more original. I think listening to music is part of the job.”

To learn more about Ofenbach, including why they would take Daft Punk with them if they were stuck in the Amazon Rainforest for a year, be sure to listen to our interview with the DJs below. 

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