Our Interview with the Euphoric and Melodic House DJ Paige

We met the melodic house producer Paige at the BPM Supreme pop-up studio at our Amsterdam lounge. He told us about his ADE experience, his upcoming work, and how he finds the music that inspires him. The melodic house DJ also took part in our Take-5 Series.

Paige is a DJ and producer who loves to mix genres. He traverses deep, progressive, and techno house, with his combination of smooth bass lines, and euphoric vocals and synths. This versatility allowed him to rise to huge popularity in 2020. His recent release ‘Mercy’ has been described as “pure euphoria”.

Finding the right inspiration is necessary for all musicians. Paige believes that this inspiration is as likely to come from an underground artist as it is to come from a platinum award-winning producer. He told us his number one rule when listening to new music is “don’t read the name of the artist or the song. Just play the song, go to the next until you like it then throw it in the folder. I could care less the size of the artist. If it makes me feel-good at that moment, it is getting in the folder”. 

When we spoke to the melodic house DJ, he was enjoying the slower pace of life at ADE. He had had a big year working on his new label Golden Hour, to allow him to release tracks independently. Paige described the sound of the label as “sunset melodic house” for people who love feel good music. 

Alongside this work, at ADE he was using his connections with Armada to hone his DJing skills. When we spoke to Paige, he was preparing to show off his brand of melodic house at the Armada Invites night.

Paige showed himself to be an animal lover when he took part in our Take-5 Series. When asked what role he would play in a circus, the melodic house artist told us he would be taking action against the trainers who abuse the animals to do tricks. 

The animal-loving theme was also there when we asked him what superpower he would choose. Paige would love to be able to make animals talk so he can hear what dogs have to say. Dogs are so expressionist but are always doing strange things. Paige told us his dog likes to sleep half off the bed. The melodic house DJ always wonders what they are thinking in those strange moments. 

We finally asked him, if he was stuck in the Amazon rainforest for a year which three DJs he would take. Paige assembled a line-up that nobody would want to leave. He chose Eric Morello and Carl Cox for the fun and good vibes, and the Martinez brothers for their calm. 

Paige loves to create new melodic house. Be sure to check out his label Golden Hour for his latest releases. If you want to listen to the whole interview then be sure to head over to the Nexus radio website.

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