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Riva Starr Gives Us His Sexy Voice

East-London based DJ and producer Stefano Miele, also known as Riva Starr stopped by the Moooi pop-up studio during the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam, to talk about his latest projects, his ADE experience, and to take the Take 5 quiz.

Starr started his career spinning 10-hour sets in his native Napoli. Starr is a widely respected DJ, producer, and the owner of Snatch! Records. He’s opened for Jamiroquai in Ibiza, and worked with like Horace Andy, Fatboy Slim, and Arthur Baker. Starr’s musical interests are varied, but he still prefers the beat of the underground, spinning at clubs like Warehouse Project (Manchester), El Row (Barcelona and Ibiza), and Cocoon.

While he was in the Moooi pop-up studio, Starr dropped news of several secret projects, including a new Riva Starr release to be named soon, and a side project that he cryptically said he wants to keep a secret. He also told us that his label, Snatch! Is set to turn 10 years old next March, so he has a special 10-track album featuring songs from all of his favorite coming out to commemorate the momentous anniversary.

Riva Starr

On the question of which unconventional musical artist he’d most like to collaborate with, he said:

“Oh um, well I quite like Aphex Twin, I know it to be old school in a way, but maybe for some of my side projects… [they’re still] fresh nowadays.”

Starr also chose the fun route when answering our Take5 questions, and his responses definitely didn’t disappoint. In addition to his guilty pleasure TV show, he told us about his best advice for a hangover, and when asked what his biggest guilty pleasure is on TV that people would never guess he watches, Riva Starr raised some eyebrows when he said:

“Rocco Siffredi’s documentaries…. He’s the Italian pride. Our most famous porn star. It’s interesting to see his techniques….”

Riva Starr

On his tried and true hangover cure, Starr said:

“Uhhhhhh, sleep. Sleep and make sure you drink lots of water.”

Riva Starr

When given the choice between hearing peoples’ thoughts or the ability to control one person as a superpower, Starr said:

“Ah, that’s more of a curse rather than a superpower choice. You know, why would you want to hear everyone’s thoughts? You know this. It’s gotta be bullshit anyway. I mean, we have it anyway on the socials, you know, even if there is a controller…. I might just quick give up on the superpower.”

Riva Starr

Check out the interview here, and find out what Riva Starr’s ideal Disney soundtrack would be, and what’s coming next for him!

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