What Does A Penguin Wearing a Sombrero Say? Sophia May Will Give You An Expert Answer

Sophia May sat down with us for a chat at the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam to take part in our Take 5 series.

Sophia May is a British singer-songwriter who has built a long and impressive career over a decade into the making. She first gained international recognition with a collaboration with British producer Bellatrax on debut single “I Can’t Help Myself.” The song enjoyed three weeks at number one on the US Billboard Hot Dance Airplay Chart. Since then, she has released music with labels such as Nervous Records, Kontor Records, and NP Records.
Recently, the artist has returned to the industry after a hiatus taken to focus on her family. Her international fan base can expect new music coming their way as Sophia May has been working with producers on songs for Universal and Tazmania Records.
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In our interview with her, Sophia May revealed that her guilty pleasure TV show is EastEnders. Listeners can relate to her take on watching cheesy reality tv: 

“I do feel really guilty, but I’ll still do it.”

It is clear that the artist is in high spirits after her hiatus. When asked what’s the best cure to a hangover, she mischievously answered, “I’m not going to say keep drinking.” Instead she suggests drinking orange juice, eating food, and watching films all day.
When asked which superpower she’d choose between the ability to hear everyone’s thoughts or control anyone, Sophia May quickly answered with the former.

To learn more about Sophia May, including which Disney movie’s soundtrack she’d cover, listen to our interview with her during the Amsterdam Dance Event 2019 below:

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