Trobi’s Hilarious Circus Debut

Dutch DJ and music producer Bryan du Chatenier better known as Trobi, stopped by the BPM Supreme pop-up during the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam to talk about his latest projects, his ADE experience, and to have a. shot at our Take 5 questions.

A musical prodigy, Trobi was the youngest musician ever to be signed with Spinnin Records at the age of 16. In recent months, as his DJ sets have garnered him a loyal following, he has expanded his musical repertoire to include producing. In his short career, Trobi has already had two gold records with “Red Me” and “Nori,” and a double platinum record with “4/5,” all three of which have garnered him more than 35 million streams.

When asked what his one job in the circus would be, Trobi said:

“In a circus? I think I’m the guy that is playing with a lion. Because I like animals. When I make music, I use a lot of animal sounds too, so when I’m in a circus, I want to work with animals…. I think [my favorite animal] is an elephant. I’ve made a lot of traps out of elephant sounds. You know, it sounds like a trumpet when you edit it, so you can make cool grooves with it.”

When we asked him what his ideal superpower would be, he said:

“I want to fly. I dunno, I’d just like to fly. How super cool is it to fly? Sometimes I see videos with people that have like, uh, what’s it called? A jet set? I think we can start there.”

We also asked Trobi what’s the strangest thing his dog, Snoopy, has ever done, and he told us:

“Oh, let me think. Uh, one time I think we left the door open, and then like, after the whole day, we thought, ‘where’s Snoopy?’ Then like, the neighbor found Snoopy a few streets away and they brought her back. I think she’s six or something.”

Listen to the interview here to find out who Trobi would take with him if he were stranded on a desert island, and to hear about some of the things he got up to while making the rounds at ADE.

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