TwoDB Breaking The Boundaries of Music

TwoDB joined us at the Moooi pop-up studio at the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam. They are a musical group that is always looking to break the known boundaries of the music genres It’s mainly dance music and all their fans know they can expect great things from them as they continue to expand and push their music to the edges.

TwoDB has been working on a huge selection of tracks over the last few months, which they’re planning to release sometime early next year. Aside from that, they don’t have much else on their plate at this point other than keeping up with the busy lives that come with being musical icons. They plan to release their new tracks in sets of threes, all in a short time period.

Starting up the first question of the interview, TwoDB was asked what his guilty pleasure tv show was. His answer? Sex in the City and The Guests. 

The next question, which is one everyone should know the answer to, is what the best cure for a hangover is? Hangovers plague everyone, even music icons, and TwoDB has one of the best cures for them. Rather than drinking more or sleeping more, TwoDB likes to use special hangover pills/capsules that you can get to help get over your hangovers much faster and easier than any other way.

Another big question put to TwoDB was what would a talking penguin who was wearing a sombrero and had just walked in the door say? Well, as you might expect, TwoDB responded with an equally big answer to this huge question. He said he thinks the penguin would say something related to weather, of all things.

In his own words: “How about like, get me out of here. It’s way too hot over here in Amsterdam. And they don’t have air conditioning.” A truly wonderful statement and quote from TwoDB, highlighting just what type of person TwoDB is. He also concluded the question by saying he thinks the penguin would be a rave penguin, too, with that type of attitude.

If you would like to learn more about TwoDB or listen to the audio interview, check it out down below! 

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