Zonderling, The Dutch Duo Known for Their One-of-a-Kind Sound

Zonderling joined us at the Moooi pop-studio in the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam. Zonderling are a Dutch duo of singers who are well known for their unique take on dance music. They hail from the North of Holland, and the name they chose for themselves encapsulates their music perfectly. Zonderling essentially translates to eccentric, and Zonderling are definitely two weird dudes.

Zonderling currently has a bunch of Club Junes that are coming up that they have been working hard on getting ready for. They have been mostly working on a bunch of different stuff, including a writing session that they did for a few record labels. They essentially have a bit of everything coming up for them.

They shared their thoughts on why music is important to them, where we get this wonderful quote from the duo:

“I think music is important because it's, it can mean so much for people and what way possible? Like there are so many ways, but I mean, we often get like messages on socials about people saying, Hey, that particular song of yours took me through a rough period, and it's just really nice too, to see what music can do for someone.”

We also learned what really inspires the group and why they make the wonderful music they do. They get to travel the world, and meeting new people and seeing the difference that their music can make to people really means a lot to them.


One of the duos talked about what he was like in school, and while not being a full-on nerd, he wasn’t one of the cool kids at school by any means. But look where he has gotten to know, so it shows that even though one may not be cool, they can still make it big in this world. The other member of Zonderling however, was more of a sports person, especially basketball.

We also got to find out how the duo handles the jet lag that plagues them as they travel around to visit their fans at their shows. They are special where they just sleep when they normally would and put up a large number of alarms to help make sure that they actually get up when they are supposed to, instead of sleeping in like normal humans typically do.

Lastly, we got some wise sage advice from the duo that they would give to their younger selves if they could. One of them would tell his younger self not to worry so much about life and let things work out, and the other would just tell his younger self to finish his studies.

If you want to learn more about Zonderling, check out the full audio interview below!

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