At the Zoo with Zookeper

Zookëper joined us at the BPM Supreme pop up studio at the nexus lounge, Amsterdam.
L.A.-based Zookëper is a DJ and producer who is perhaps best known for his pulsing, hooky-sound, and hits like “Move Ya Feet” and “Gunz”.


Zookëper talks about his latest project including “House Phone” that he put out on Bingo Player’s label, Hysteria. We also asked him why he opts to not have pets, to which he jokingly replied: 

“I don't [have pets] because I'm not responsible. I feel like a single guy having a cat, I dunno... I know that the idea of me just chilling with cats like in my apartment by myself... I don't know why that makes me feel weird.”

The cheeky DJ had plenty to say as we learned a bit more about him, and some of the contacts that he has in the music industry. We also went on to ask him if he was on an island, what three DJs or music industry people would you take with you? Here is what he said:

“That’s a good question. You know what? Number one, I would take Jay Pryor, who I hung out with last night, cause he’s just an animal. I would take Bingo Players, one of my best buds when it comes to music and all that. Cause we have very good conversations about classic rock and all that kind of stuff, so that would be on the chill side. And my buddy Gosh Father too, he’s a fun one. We did a record together that came in on Spinning last year, and he’s just a wild man.”

Zookëper is one of the rising artists that you will certainly want to keep your eyes set on. For more on Zookëper and his upcoming projects be sure to listen to the entire interview below.

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