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Aiden Jude inspired by Avicii, Swedish House Mafia

New York City-based songwriter, DJ and producer, Aiden Jude stopped by the   to chat with us about his plans during ADE. The Sub Zero producer discussed the specific reason why he took an extended leave from producing vocal tracks, and how he’s gearing up for his return into the limelight.

Jude expressed that he is “all in” and ready for a come-back with radio-friendly tracks already in the works. And Don’t believe the unsubstantiated rumors that doesn’t produce his own music. The fifteen-year-old producer didn’t hesitate to name the software that he uses to make music.

With his impressive grasp on “Artificial Intelligence” and great taste in music, Aiden Jude shows that he is no longer a wide-eyed aspiring kid DJ whose first download ever was ’s “Silhouettes,” but a bright “Gen-z” music producer that was inspired by giants like Avicii and .

“first [song] I can remember was I think Avicii ‘Silhouettes’ … my dad was a Jazz musician for many years, so I’d just go around the house listening to Miles Davis, Pat Ruffini, Chick Corea, and then when I actually started getting into downloading music and creating a catalog, it kind of started with Swedish House Mafia Stuff and Avicii, so that would be it.”

Aiden Jude

Listen to our full audio interview with Aiden Jude below!

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