♫ Alan Walker has the Perfect Song for Sia ♫

Alan Walker joined us at the Big Joe® Lounge for  Music Week to talk about Sia, the future, perseverance, and more.

The 20-year-old Norwegian DJ and producer, whose single “Faded” went platinum in more than ten countries in 2015, recently reached a new milestone when his YouTube channel amassed more subscribers (4.5 million) and views (3.4 billion) than that of any other Norwegian YouTube creator. However, Walker is more concerned with quality than quantity, as he told us when we asked about upcoming news and projects:

“I’ve only done a remix for [Sia], but I would love to do an official song. Like, I have a song that’s called “Diamond Heart” in the works, and the demo that we’ve got really sounds like Sia. I think it will be a perfect combination. Tomorrow, I’m releasing a new remix for The Greatest Showman. The song is very meaningful, very powerful, and I’m really excited to put it out. I just put out, I would say, a very strong message on Instagram and Facebook regarding this song and remix—basically the back story of it—and I think it’s going to be awesome.”

Alan Walker

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To learn more about Alan Walker, his upcoming album World of Walker (“hopefully” out later this year), his thoughts on the city and people of Miami, what he misses when on the road, and the advice he’d give to his younger self, listen to the complete below ↓

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