A lot has happened in Alan Walker’s world since we last spoke to him at the Amsterdam Dance Event. Bucking the trend of all the superstars DJs who are going from bangers to pretty melodies, he launched “Spectre,” a harder and more aggressive song which is actually a rework of one of his earlier songs. It also surprised us to find out that he listens to hardstyle on his phone.

Of course, the most revealing news came from the story behind the festival favorite “Diamond Heart,” which he revealed is NOT Sia as is popularly thought. Alan also launched his new single “All Falls Down,” which features Digital Farm Animals and Noah Cyrus, during his big show at Amsterdam Dance Event.

As a leader in the world of gaming music, it’s no surprise that Alan is an avid gamer who plays Runescape and Call of Duty. He is looking forward to time off the road so he can focus on Battlefield as well.

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