Albuquerque Lights Up Nexus Lounge with Insights and Laughter

In an engaging interview at the Nexus Lounge during Miami Music Week, DJ Davis from Nexus Radio sits with Ricardo Albuquerque. The conversation begins with a playful exploration of the pronunciation and origins of Albuquerque’s last name, setting the tone for a fun and informative chat.

Albuquerque delves into his music career, sharing highlights of his recent performances, including his involvement with Warung Beach Club and his highly anticipated set at Do Not Sit on The Furniture. He also touches on his latest music releases, spotlighting a collaboration with a friend from his hometown.


Reflecting on his journey, Albuquerque reminisces about his first release in 2012 and expresses his aspirations to land his music on notable labels. The interview wraps up with a delightful “Take 5” segment, where Albuquerque reveals personal favorites, from his top movie soundtrack to his musical influences and interests outside of music.

With a mix of humor and heartfelt moments, Albuquerque’s passion for music and dedication to his craft shines through. He enthusiastically states, “Music is my constant companion, and every set is a new adventure.”

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