Alessandro: Crafting Sonic Landscapes and Navigating Industry Waves 

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In a vibrant exchange at KEF’s Pop-Up Interview Space within the Nexus Lounge, Alessandro, the maestro of beats, shared insights into the dynamic world of the music industry. Maxine led the conversation, delving into Alessandro’s latest artist project and the pulsating dance music scene.

Alessandro’s journey into music began at the tender age of 9, sparked by the magic of a David Guetta music video. The interview unveiled the artist’s evolution, from DJing at a young age to crafting a new commercial piano house project, departing from their earlier ventures into hardstyle music.


As the discussion unfolded, Alessandro contemplated the next steps in their musical odyssey—weighing the possibility of signing with a label and strategically navigating platforms like Spotify and Beatport for optimal exposure.

For those eager to dive deep into Alessandro’s sonic universe, the full interview promises a melodic expedition through inspiration, personal preferences, and the intricate threads of the artist’s musical evolution. Tune in and let the beats guide you through Alessandro’s captivating narrative.

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