Alessandro’s Performances are Always Kickass, Thanks to his Impressive Intuition

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Alessandro graced us with his presence at the BPM Music pop-up studio during the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam for a quick interview. He gives us a glimpse of his ADE experience, teases new projects, and participates in our Take 5 series!

Alejandro Machado, better known as Alessandro, recently reached a new benchmark in his career by performing at the Amsterdam Dance Event for the first time. “I work with Head Studios with Luca Testa. He’s making it public for the first time, so there’s going to be a demo drop and a meet-and-greet after that, and I’m very excited. I’m playing like a ton,” the DJ explained.

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When it comes to his performances, he always reads the room. Depending on the vibes, the first two songs are always a little more chill, followed by hard sets. After that, he’ll return to the more flexible material if something needs to be improved before bringing it up again. If the chill stuff brings the energy down, he turns it up.
If you’re curious about what Alessandro has in store for you, you’re in luck because the DJ has just teased a new track titled “Happy,” which will be released soon. “It has cinematic intro style and a rock element,” he described. Alessandro revealed that this new song is unlike anything he has done before. Unlike his previous tracks, which only hint at cinematic sounds, he went all in this time, drawing heavily on Hans Zimmer.
As we got to know Alessandro better, we discovered that he’s a bit of a pain at school. When asked if he ever got in trouble in elementary school, he said yes because he got into fights with many people. “It was a constant thing. I remember my mom had to sit down and talk to me. I almost got expelled from school because of that. So it was mostly fighting, and then I talked a lot,” the DJ admitted. He appears to be very relatable, after all!
To know more about Alessandro, including what he does to maintain a positive mental health space, listen to our full interview below.

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