Alexis Nikki Embarks on a New Musical Journey in the World of House Music

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Alexis Nikki shines like a supernova in the constantly changing electronic music galaxy, flaunting her unique charm, bold flair, and groundbreaking beats. Coming from the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah, she’s carved her place as a DJ and producer extraordinaire. With a musical upbringing as a multi-instrumentalist, Alexis polished her talents and earned her stripes at Salt Lake DJ and Production, graduating in 2018.

Once rocking the scene as Kleøpatra with her deep, soul-shaking bass music, Alexis Nikki has become a wunderkind and rising star in the electronic music world. As Kleøpatra, she toured the US, winning over significant Dubstep icons and dropping tracks on top labels like Subsidia, Rude Service, Space Yacht, and Emengy.

Alexis Nikki

Saying farewell to her Kleøpatra days, Alexis Nikki bursts onto the scene with a fresh house music identity. From tech house to bass house to melodic house, her innovative production style cranks the diversity dial to another level. Alexis brings unmatched passion and expertise to the modern music landscape, capturing the hearts of fans and industry insiders alike. Her rising star has earned shoutouts from top outlets like EDM.com, EDM Maniac, EDM World Magazine, CelebMix, Heard It Here First, and more.

But it wasn’t just the beats that shifted for Alexis Nikki; her style got a makeover, too. “When I was making Dubstep, I dressed way differently. And now that I’m making house, it’s more girly and has more fun colors.”

Alongside her big reveal earlier this year, Alexis dropped her debut single as Alexis Nikki, titled “One More Time.” This track is an actual work of art, taking you on an emotional roller-coaster through the pain and longing of post-breakup memories. It’s like a musical journey that beautifully captures the essence of lost love and the longing for what used to be. 

With each beat and lyric carefully crafted, “One More Time” is a storytelling masterpiece.

With "One More Time," Alexis Nikki sparks a fresh chapter in her creative journey, solidifying her status as a powerhouse in the House music scene. As she gears up to drop more fire tracks in 2024, the buzz around Alexis Nikki's upcoming projects is electric, hinting at a thrilling and game-changing phase in her illustrious career. Teasingly, she adds, "I have an EP coming up—that's some of my best work yet. I think a couple of collabs will also be in the works."

With this big musical shift, it’s clear that Alexis is all about leveling up. 

"To level up would be to achieve more of my goals, like long-term goals that I've been working towards. And, yeah, that's basically it."

Listen to our full interview below to learn more about Alexis Nikki, including her favorite childhood toy.

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