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Alicia Madison #ADE 2017

Chatting with Miss at Dance Event, we discovered some of her secret skills. We already know she is a gifted singer/songwriter, with her new single “Insanity” in heavy rotation on dance stations everywhere, but we had no idea that she was also a bodyguard. She guarded 16-year old Mahkenna as she sang “Alive” with . It comes as little surprise that Alicia just happened to write that phenomenal record as well.

Singer. Songwriter. Bodyguard. Rapper? Yes, Alicia did the rap on “Firealarm” with GLOWINTHEDARK. She told us about the special preparation it took for the genre-bending performances.

Alicia opened up about her love of chihuahuas, the song the that is the best four minutes of her life, upcoming tracks with White Zoo, her karaoke favorites, and why she can’t live without vaseline. Get your mind out of the gutter, the is totally G-rated…

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