Amber Skyes: Venturing Outside The Box

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Amber Skyes joined us at the Audionamix popup studio in the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam.
The Philadelphian star Amber Skyes has been making waves in the R&B and electronic scenes since 2016. Her collaboration with Matt Auston on the infectious summer hit Take You Away cemented her vocal melodies on the music circuit and allowed her to broaden her musical scope. 2016’s Warning Sign showed a pop-punk side of the Philadelphian, whereas 2017’s This Is War showed her music has dancefloor potential.
Amber Skyes
Her open, honest lyrics with a personalized and, at times, humorous edge add to the relatable narratives that Amber Skyes has woven through her discography. They’ve also added to her success, with her opening for Iggy Azalea and reaching number 25 on the Billboard Dance Charts. Overall, the young artist has shown much in her reasonably short career thus far and can only grow as time progresses.

At this year’s ADE event, we spoke to Amber Skyes about her music and sampling and went through our quickfire Take-5 series.

Despite releasing the sassy, cool All That I Knew with DJ ZID just a few weeks ago, Amber Skyes is far from putting on the brakes. Instead, she recently wrote a new track titled “Hoes And Boats,” explaining that “Boats And Hoes were already taken.” With this track, she intends to return to her R&B, hip-hop, and pop roots, bringing her into the limelight in 2016.
“It’s more like a spoken word, has a lot of attitudes; it just brings in a complete vibe,” she says. “I still sing, but I’m getting more into being creative and taking chances and doing things outside of the box.” The track has yet to be released, but this new direction from Amber Skyes is undoubtedly an exciting omen of what’s to come from the Philadelphian artist.
She also had some interesting points to make on sampling in general:

"There are no rules. If you're going to use a sample from somebody, definitely pay them, but other than that, the creative realm has no rules. Just take whatever comes to you and use that. If it feels good and it sounds good, then use it."

In our Take-5 question series, we got to know Amber Skyes a little better. According to her, Gorillaz was the first artist she downloaded or purchased on MP3. She also – controversially to some – suggested that Batman would win a fight against Superman, which is a divisive topic between all the artists we’ve interviewed at ADE thus far.
To listen to the full interview with Amber Skyes, click the link below.

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