Amsterdam Dance Event 2024 Unveils First Wave of Star-Studded Lineup


Amsterdam Dance Event 2024 Unveils First Wave of Star-Studded Lineup

The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), renowned as the world’s largest festival and business gathering for electronic music, has unveiled the first wave of artists for its 2024 edition. This announcement features a star-studded lineup with performers such as Benga (GB), Brutalismus 3000 (DE), FJAAK (DE), Four Tet (GB), Honey Dijon (US), Indira Paganotto (ES), Jeff Mills (US), KlangKuenstler (DE), Major League DJz (ZA), Marlon Hoffstadt (DE), Martin Garrix (NL), Miss Monique (UA), Peggy Gou (KR), Rebekah (GB), The Martinez Brothers (US), and over 300 additional artists.

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This initial reveal confirms over 300 artists and DJs, participating in more than 100 events. This milestone represents just 10% of the ADE 2024 program, which promises an extensive range of performances and experiences. Special concerts will be held by Awakenings Upclose, and there will be over 20 events at A’DAM Toren. The packed DGTL roster includes seven events, alongside notable appearances by Tomorrowland presents Our Story, AMF, HE.SHE.THEY., Into the Woods, Verknipt, straf_werk, Loveland, Speedy J’s STOOR, Dave Clarke presents, and many more.

Scheduled from October 16 to 20, 2024, the five-day event solidifies ADE’s status as the most comprehensive festival and conference program for electronic music globally. It spans over 1,000 events in more than 200 locations throughout Amsterdam, showcasing a wide array of electronic subgenres and subcultures.

Among the confirmed artists for the initial 10% are:

  • 6EJOU (FR)
  • 999999999 (IT)
  • Anetha (FR)
  • Anz (GB)
  • Avalon Emerson (US)
  • Azyr (GB)
  • Barry Can’t Swim (GB)
  • BELLA (NL)
  • Ben Klock (DE)
  • Benga (GB)
  • Benwal (NL)
  • Berkan V8 (NL)
  • Bolis Pupul (BE)
  • Bonobo (GB)
  • Boys Noize (DE)
  • Brutalismus 3000 (DE)
  • Caribou (CA)
  • Carista (NL)
  • Carlita (TR)
  • Chlär (CH)
  • Cincity (NL)
  • Cinthie (DE)
  • Colin Benders (NL)
  • Colyn (NL)
  • Daria Kolosova (UA)
  • Dave Clarke (GB)
  • Dax J (GB)
  • Dee Diggs (US)
  • DJ Europarking (NL)
  • DJ Fuckoff (DE)
  • DJ Mell G (DE)
  • DJ Spit (DE)
  • DJ Tennis (IT)
  • DMX Krew (GB)
  • Doppelgang (NL)
  • Estella Boersma (NL)
  • Fafi Abdel Nour (NL)
  • FJAAK (DE)
  • Four Tet (GB)
  • Funk Assault (DE)
  • Gabrielle Kwarteng (US)
  • Gerd Janson (DE)
  • GoldFish (ZA)
  • Honey Dijon (US)
  • I Hate Models (FR)
  • I. Jordan (GB)
  • Indira Paganotto (ES)
  • Jamie Jones (GB)
  • JEANS (NL)
  • Jeff Mills (US)
  • Jennifer Loveless (AU)
  • Kikelomo (GB)
  • KiNK (BG)
  • KlangKuenstler (DE)
  • Kobosil (DE)
  • Lola Edo (NL)
  • Mahmut Orhan (TR)
  • Major League DJz (ZA)
  • Malugi (DE)
  • Marcel Dettmann (DE)
  • Marco Carola (IT)
  • Marie K (NL)
  • Markus Schulz (US)
  • Marlon Hoffstadt (DE)
  • Martin Garrix (NL)
  • Mary Lake (NL)
  • Mathame (IT)
  • MCR-T (DE)
  • Mila Black (NL)
  • Miss Monique (UA)
  • Mochakk (BR)
  • Motor City Drum Ensemble (DE)
  • Narciss (DE)
  • Nico Moreno (FR)
  • NIKS (GB)
  • Nils Frahm (DE)
  • Octave One (US)
  • Ogazón (LU)
  • Olympe (IT)
  • Pangaea (GB)
  • Patrice Bäumel (DE)
  • Patrick Mason (DE)
  • Paula Tape (CL)
  • Paula Temple (GB)
  • Peggy Gou (KR)
  • Philou Louzolo (NL)
  • Rebekah (GB)
  • Rødhåd (DE)
  • Röyksopp (NO)
  • Roza Terenzi (AU)
  • Ruby Savage (NL)
  • Sally C (IE)
  • Salome (GE)
  • Sama’ Abdulhadi (PS)
  • San Holo (NL)
  • Sarkawt Hamad (NL)
  • Sasha (GB)
  • Sedef Adasi (DE)
  • Seth Troxler (US)
  • Shanti Celeste (CL)
  • Shimza (ZA)
  • Shlømo (FR)
  • Skream (GB)
  • Speedy J (NL)
  • SPFDJ (SE)
  • Spray (IE)
  • Suze Ijó (NL)
  • Tereza (DE)
  • The Blessed Madonna (US)
  • The Martinez Brothers (US)
  • Tiësto (NL)
  • Timmy Trumpet (AU)
  • Tita Lau (GB)
  • Todd Terry (US)
  • Twiena (NL)
  • Vuur (NL)
  • Wade (ES)
  • Yazzus (GB)
  • Young Marco (NL)
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The full program will be revealed in the coming months. Individual tickets can be purchased through ADE’s official platform, and the ADE Pro Pass is also available for those seeking the complete experience.

Stay tuned as more details emerge about what promises to be an unforgettable celebration of electronic music at ADE 2024.

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