Amsterdam Dance Event: ADE & Antler Launch Competition For €100K to Fund Entrepreneurs


Amsterdam Dance Event: ADE & Antler Launch Competition For €100K to Fund Entrepreneurs

We are only a few months away from this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event – one of the year’s biggest EDM festivals. In the iconic European city, ADE will bring artists and fans from all over the globe together for a series of impressive performances and illuminating talks from all kinds of industry icons. This year, as part of their annual music festival, ADE is teaming up with Antler – a Dutch venture capital investor – in a competition to find a startup worth €100K of investment.
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Who is Antler?
As professional investors, Antler makes their money by finding innovative and worthwhile companies and providing financial backing to help them achieve their entire worth. In recent years they’ve helped fund all kinds of startups, from healthcare to consumer technology. They have an international portfolio from over seventy different nationalities, and with 50% female CEOs, they are committed to gender equality in the workplace.

Why are they Teaming Up with ADE?
It might sound odd for a music festival to be working with an investment company to fund startups, but it makes a lot of sense. As they put it on their website, they have “a strong focus on the future of music and its surrounding industries” and “believe a big part of the reality of tomorrow is imagined today by innovators, visionaries, and creators of all kinds.”

Indeed, if you look at how they structure their event – as a blend of exciting shows and informative talks – you can see that, as a brand, ADE has always focused on building up new creators and supporting existing ones.
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Which Startups Should Be Looking to Enter
Although the requirements are pretty broad, startups looking to enter must be, in some respect, related to the music & entertainment industry. That includes software solutions, hardware manufacturing, or event logistics. If your product has a use case within the music industry and you can advertise it as such, then this competition is an opportunity for you.

How to Enter
Applicants can apply online to enter, and those who are successful will be put forward to the next stage of the process – a video pitch to the Antler Investment comity. From there, Antler will help direct you so you can perfect your pitch before the competition’s final.

What Will the Winner Receive?
The winning company will have to successfully present its idea on stage alongside the other finalists. The grand prize will not only consist of a minimum €100K investment, but the winning applicant will also gain access to high-quality advice and mentoring from Antler’sAntler’s industry experts.

Working with companies like Antler is a fantastic way for bright young entrepreneurs to grow their companies. Antler will help them find their customers, tailor their product to the market, and profitably grow their company for everyone involved. They will also help to find other investors and build the kind of industry connections it would otherwise take years to acquire.

Why Start-Ups Matter
Music, and the music industry, have changed a lot in the last hundred years, and that change has been driven by investment, particularly in a genre like EDM; it’s easy to see how technology has pushed the boundaries of what we can do. Investment drives creativity which is why projects like this one are so important. Together, ADE & Antler are providing an opportunity for new people and ideas to help build tomorrow’s entertainment industry, and we couldn’t be more excited to see it.

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