Amy Wiles Reveals Her Musical Journey and Future Plans

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In a recent candid interview with Farius, London-based DJ and producer Amy Wiles shared her journey, inspirations, and future plans, offering fans a closer look at the artist behind the music. Known for her dynamic presence in the trance and progressive scene under the Anjunabeats banner, Amy’s conversation was a mix of professional insights and personal revelations.

The interview started with a warm exchange of greetings, setting a relaxed tone for the discussion. Amy, a prominent figure at Miami Music Week, reflected on her experiences in the vibrant city. She described the energy and excitement of performing live, emphasizing how these events fuel her creativity and passion for music.

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Amy then delved into her upcoming projects, highlighting a show in Austin and a special gig at Nautilus. Fans were thrilled to hear about her new release on Anjunabeats, where she is experimenting with a nostalgic shift towards old-school UK dance music. This transition marks an exciting evolution in her sound, blending her signature style with fresh, retro influences.

A standout moment in the interview was the “Take Five” segment, where Amy revealed some of her favorites and quirky habits. She named her favorite movie soundtrack, drawing connections between cinematic scores and musical influences. Amy also opened up about her childhood toys, which, surprisingly, were a mix of typical and unconventional choices, reflecting her unique personality.

Discussing her musical inspirations, Amy mentioned several legendary artists who have shaped her career. She expressed gratitude for the support and mentorship from icons like Above & Beyond and Paul Van Dyk, who have played pivotal roles in her growth as an artist. Her passion for creating music that resonates with people was palpable throughout the conversation.

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Amy also shared insights into her personal life, including hobbies and what she usually carries in her bag. These anecdotes added a relatable touch, allowing fans to see the talented DJ’s down-to-earth side. She spoke about her love for photography, a hobby that complements her music career by capturing the essence of her travels and performances.

The interview wrapped up with a look at Amy’s upcoming performances.
She hinted at potential shows in Miami and a much-anticipated return to New York in August. This exciting lineup promises to bring her closer to fans across the globe, continuing her journey of connecting through music.

Listen to the full interview for those who want to delve deeper into Amy Wiles’ world. It’s a treasure trove of insights and stories that showcase the artist’s passion, creativity, and unwavering dedication to her craft.

"Amy's shift towards old-school UK dance music is a thrilling evolution that fans won't want to miss."

Don’t miss out on the complete interview for an exclusive look into Amy Wiles’ musical journey and future endeavors.

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