An Independent Artist With A Bright Future: Zach Crean

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Zach Crean joined us at the Audionamix popup studio in the Nexus Lounge, Amsterdam.
The up-and-coming Zach Crean hails from Chicago and has incorporated music into his life from the age of 6 when he first picked up a guitar. After discovering his voice at 14, the now 24-year-old hopes to break onto the scene as an independent artist. In a relatively short time, Zach has begun this process by collaborating with the budding R&B artist Amber Skyes on his 2020 record Fly Away. He’s also working on a dance track with the producer Nicholas Gunn.
Zach Crean
We spoke with Zach Crean about his upcoming work and his thoughts on sampling. We also asked some quickfire Take-5 questions to get to know him better.

Beginning to draw on life experiences in his lyrics, Zach Crean has grown from strength to strength with each release. His modern, captivating music with raw and emotive narratives is not only a signal of growth for the independent artist but are sure-fire roads to success. Paired with delicate live instrumentation, his music is a blissful concoction of everything which makes a rising star.

He went on to explain his thoughts on using sampling in his music:

“If it works, it works. If I can use my creativity with it… I’m not afraid of any sound or samples, and I also come from a big pop-punk background, so I like using a lot of live instrumentation. So if I can pull something from that, that’s awesome.”

Onto our Take-5 series, Zach Crean brings some relatable content to the table. He’d love to be better at meal prepping and eating healthier, which must be difficult while touring and performing show after show. In a follow-up answer, his worst decision in the last 24 hours before this interview was eating four popcorn-stuffed KitKat bars.
Given the option to, Zach Crean told us he would choose to learn to play the violin magically. “I grew up with Sania Twain, and I know she loves to use the violin on her tracks in live performances,” he says. “She was the first concert I’ve ever seen, and I remember I had a toy violin that I used to carry around with me jamming her.”
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