Anabel Englund Remains an Inspirational Figure for Up-and-Coming Female Musicians

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Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Anabel Englund swung by our AOC Gaming popup studio during the Nexus Lounge Miami. She talked about being a female force in a male-dominated industry and gave us a sneak peek into what’s cooking in her musical kitchen!

Renowned for her velvety and alluring vocals, Anabel Englund is celebrated for her enchanting club anthems. Originally from New York but raised in California, Englund’s musical journey began in her youth group, where she honed her singing skills. She initially delved into songwriting for family-friendly TV shows before focusing on her artistic endeavors. The early 2010s marked her rise, characterized by standout collaborations with producer MK and her involvement in the piano-driven duo Suburban Nightlife.

Anabel Englund

Anabel Englund’s big break arrived through her collaboration with the esteemed electronic ensemble Hot Natured, comprising Jamie Jones, Lee Foss, and Ali Love. Her standout vocals on tracks like “Reverse Skydiving” and “Electricity” demonstrated her versatile range and knack for injecting raw emotion into electronic sounds.

Rising up on her triumphs with Hot Natured, Anabel Englund stepped into a solo spotlight, dropping her official full-length debut, “Messing with Magic,” in 2020. The album boasted infectious dance hits like “Picture Us” and “Waiting for You,” which quickly became staples on dance airwaves. Following this success, Englund embarked on a whirlwind of collaborative and solo projects over the subsequent years. Highlights included the 2021 track “Deja Vu” with Oliver Heldens, the 2022 powerhouse “LOW” featuring Heldens and Tchami, and the electrifying solo release “A Lesson in Chemistry,” which set dancefloors ablaze in 2023.

Fast forward to 2024, and Anabel Englund has released a track every month like clockwork – three bangers and counting! But hold onto your hats because she’s not stopping there. “I have an EP that I plan to put out this year, and I have so many more songs to put out,” said Englund.

Navigating through the male-dominated music industry, Anabel Englund has carved out her unique space with unmatched talent and determination. In her own words, “I love the inclusivity. There’s still a long way to go; it’s still like, ‘Oh, we’re allowing you this kind of thing.’ But I’m going to take the space, and I love seeing the women just owning it and killing it. It’s making me so happy. I love them all.”

To learn more about Anabel Englund, including her favorite toy as a kid, listen to our full interview below.

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