Andrea 2k Spins Tales of Beats and Laughter

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In a lively rendezvous at the HeyDude Pop-Up Interview Space within the Nexus Lounge, Andrea 2k, the maestro of music production, shared anecdotes from her journey through the vibrant landscape of the Amsterdam Dance Event. DJ Davis, the witty interviewer, added a humorous touch with quirky and unusual questions, creating an atmosphere of both insight and laughter.

Andrea 2k delved into her passion for music production, shedding light on her creative process and revealing Afrojack as one of her favorite DJs. The interview seamlessly blended the serious artistry of music creation with the lighter side of the industry, filled with amusing pranks and unexpected moments.

Andrea 2K

In a captivating segment, DJ Davis prompted Andrea 2k to explore her musical influences and ponder the hypothetical scenario of trading lives with another person for a day. The conversation unfolded organically, offering fans a glimpse into the artist’s personality beyond the beats.

For a complete dose of Andrea 2k’s music tales and DJ Davis’ quirky questions, don’t miss out on the full interview. Tune in to experience the perfect harmony of beats and laughter.

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