Andrea Puli Unveils DJ Tales and Amsterdam Adventures

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Italian DJ Andrea Puli recently graced the HeyDude Pop-Up Interview Space at the Nexus Lounge for a captivating audio interview. The artist delved into his life as a DJ, providing insights into his musical journey and the intriguing “KCP” project, which marked his debut performance in Amsterdam.

The interview took an entertaining turn with the “Take 5” segment, where Puli shared amusing anecdotes about his preferences. From dream dinner companions (Michael Jackson and Lucia Battisti) to adventurous culinary experiences (fried crickets), listeners gained a deeper understanding of the artist beyond the turntables. Puli even revealed his go-to dance move – the disco, adding a touch of nostalgia to the conversation.

Andrea Puli

In this intimate discussion, Andrea Puli seamlessly blended music, life, and humor, creating an engaging narrative for fans. The interview is a must-listen for those curious about the artist’s journey and the vibrant world of electronic music. Dive into the full interview to uncover more about Andrea Puli’s DJ escapades and the exciting “KCP” project.

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