Andrew Marks is All About the Melody.

Andrew Marks Interview.

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It all goes back to the piano for Andrew Marks.  “I grew up with a classical piano background and that’s where a lot of my love for music came in.”  For him it is all about the melody.  “The simplicity of the melodies and how strong they can be, I found that really empowering.  There’s so many anthems that are all relying on not even a vocal, just a melody.”

Andrew wants to play guitar on his tracks but wants to learn more as this is a “Long-term goal for life.”  There’s “always something special when you bring human elements into your track, makes its a little more exciting.”

We are all excited for the music that Andrew has in the pipeline.  He has been “working with a lot of vocalists” with lots of songs coming up.

This is Take5 with Andrew Marks!

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