Armada Music Has Dropped the Final episode of its 20th-anniversary Documentary Series, Featuring the Iconic Track “Access.”


Armada Music Has Dropped the Final episode of its 20th-anniversary Documentary Series, Featuring the Iconic Track “Access.”

The renowned independent dance label Armada Music has produced an extensive five-part documentary series to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Entitled ‘Armada Music 20 Years Classics,’ the series is an in-depth exploration of the influential artists and tracks that have shaped the history of dance music.

In early January of this year, the fifth and final episode of the documentary series was released, shedding light on the story behind the 90s rave classic ‘Access’ by DJ Misjah & DJ Tim and its recent resurgence. This final installment provides insights into the track’s enduring appeal and the factors contributing to its continued relevance in the modern music scene.

DJ Misjah & DJ Tim spontaneously created “Access” during an impromptu session in 1995. Fueled by sudden inspiration, the duo began a sonic exploration, blending diverse sounds that eventually gave birth to the now-classic track. The infectious nature of “Access” quickly caught the ears of music enthusiasts and club owners alike, propelling DJ Misjah & DJ Tim into the global spotlight.

The story behind the creation of “Access” carries a touch of humor. This track is predominantly composed of acid sounds, and these unique tones owe their existence to the Roland TB-303 synthesizer. In the 80s, the TB-303 was initially made as a bassline machine, but the device faced commercial failure due to its programming complexity. In a stroke of luck, sellers decided to reduce its price to $50, and with a bit of fortunate experimentation, the distinctive acid sound emerged. This sound, exclusive to the TB-303, offers a rare versatility—where DJs can use it for deep basslines or fine-tune it to higher frequencies. It’s a one-of-a-kind element that adds a special touch to the musical composition.

In recent years, the legacy of “Access” experienced a modern resurgence when Dutch DJ and producer Joris Voorn decided to put his unique spin on the iconic track through a remix. This remix not only breathed new life into “Access” but also propelled it to even greater heights within the electronic music scene.

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What makes Joris Voorn’s remix of “Access” particularly noteworthy is its reception among audiences. When featured in his DJ sets, the remix resonates with seasoned fans who fondly remember the original and a fresh wave of listeners discovering the track for the first time.

This is evident when up-and-coming artist KI/KI stumbled upon the original track and felt an instant and deep connection. The track’s 90s vibe resonates strongly with KI/KI, representing a time in music known for its freedom, experimentation, and lack of rigid constraints. She also played it during her acid-only set, and it swiftly became the standout moment of the entire show. “Access” has earned the title of her favorite track, emphasizing the unique and powerful emotions she experiences every time she listens to it.

As the final episode of “Armada Music 20 Years Classics” unraveled the fascinating story behind “Access,” the series exemplifies the profound impact that iconic tracks like these have had on the dance music industry.

Explore the first four episodes of this series, and stay tuned to Armada Music’s social media for updates on exciting surprises in the future.

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