ARTY Talks About Gift That Made him Break Down

Artem Stoliarov, better known as ARTY or Alpha9 joins us at the Nexus Lounge for Miami Music Week 2018 to talk about his alter-ego Alpha-9, his new single ‘Rain‘, a new remix on an Armin Van Buuren classic ‘Shivers‘ and much more.

The Russian DJ has released numerous singles including ‘Kate,’ ‘Together We Are,’ and ‘Sunrise,’ along with the studio album ‘Glorious’ in 2015.

ARTY describes a super emotional incident during a run-in with a Russian fan while performing in Las Vegas:

“This is such a touchy story, I was spending my birthday and Vegas, playing in one of the clubs and one of the fans showed up from Russia. She’s been a fan for many years and I didn’t really know why she was there because it’s a really long route from Russia to Vegas, but she came there to show me a video on her phones, and it was all the clips from all my friends and my family wishing me a happy birthday. I think I was crying in the bathroom for a good 15 minutes-entire management of the club was really worried, I was pouring tears -it was the best thing.”

ARTY also talks about his dream collaboration with The Weeknd, and Dublin-based singer Eden. He also thanked his fans for not giving up on him during a very rough music experimentation period:

Thank you for being with me for the past seven years, it’s been rocky, there’s been ups and downs, there’s been requests about the music, there’s been misunderstandings when people were asking to do something different, thank you for being with me all that time and for not giving up on me.”

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