Ashley Paul’s Classic 1980s Songs Uncover Modern Significance


Ashley Paul’s Classic 1980s Songs Uncover Modern Significance

Singer-songwriter and performer Ashley Paul joined us at theROOF at theWit during Nexus Lounge Virtual for a chat. She talks about her latest projects, her Dance Party USA experience, and takes part in our Take-5 series!

In her early career as a promising dance-pop sensation, Ashley Paul released the hit single “When Boys Cry” in 1987, created by Platinum Record Producer Joel Diamond. The song reached number 37 on the Billboard charts. Another massive track, “Color Me Yours,” quickly followed, which she sold widely and got her to perform worldwide.

Remixes of Ashley’s previous hit, “When Boys Cry,” are being released to coincide with the release of her new tracks, with one-half of the Wideboys production team contributing to the “Until Dawn” mixes.

"A lot of fans [are] approaching me, emailing me about my signature songs from the late 80s, and how it impacted their lives. And we all talked, and there's like a fresh perspective with fresh colors, looking at the song differently, but it still has the same deep meaning... And I wanted to bring that out. So we decided to remix it."

Ashley Paul also appeared on Dance Party USA, an American dance television show from 1986 to 1992. “It was very sexy and open and all about coming out and being yourself and being who you are… Crazy outfits, crazy hair, I could never get that hair again, but I try. I had the best time.” Ashley has also been part of theater, and her credentials include leading roles in the Kennedy Center’s “Peace Child” and “Take Me Along,” as well as roles in regional productions of “The Sound of Music,” “You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown,” and “The Music Man,” to name a few.
Ashley Paul
When asked what the worst professional decision she has ever made was, she responded, “probably signing a bad contract without talking to somebody first, just going with my heart. I have a huge heart, and I follow my heart sometimes to my detriment.”
To know more about Ashley Paul, listen to our full interview below!

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