ATCG Seamlessly Connects Eras with the Reimagined Track “Never Leave You”

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Italian DJ and producer Andrea Grasselli, known by the alias ATCG, visited the Hey Dude pop-up studio at the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam. He discussed his entry into the industry and participated in the fun Take Five series!

Andrea Grasselli, an Italian-born producer and DJ, discovered his passion for music at eight while studying drums and piano. Influenced by artists like Depeche Mode, Queen, and Daft Punk, he developed a deep fascination for the music scene. Andrea honed his skills with determination and dedication, creating his unique and successful formula. His relentless efforts and commitment to his craft eventually paid off when he achieved a significant milestone by signing with Time Records, Italy’s most prominent independent label.


The rest is history for the name ATCG. However, the question remains: What inspired the creation of this moniker?

“It’s an American slang, which means the edge of the 80s because I was born on December 20, ’89,” the DJ explained. He appears to have a deep affinity for that era, as evidenced by his response when asked whose hair he would love to have: Of course, it’s Lionel Richie.

Recently, ATCG has joined forces with the globally acclaimed artist Leandro Da Silva, reviving the enduring charm of the early 2000s through their tech-house reinterpretation of “NEVER LEAVE YOU.” Released on November 24 via Black Lizard Records, this collaboration pays tribute to a timeless classic while skillfully bridging the gap between two decades. The distinctive dancefloor groove they bring to the table infuses the track with a robust, deep bassline perfectly complemented by the captivating vocals of Sara De Sanctis.

Making his debut at the Amsterdam Dance Event, ATCG concentrated on advancing his career as a producer to leverage the swiftly escalating popularity he’s been experiencing. With various new projects in the pipeline, his momentum appears nearly unstoppable, with a growing fan base fueling his ascent.

To learn more about ATCG, including three people he would love to have dinner with, listen to our full interview below!

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