Australian Artist VASSY Shows True Girl Power Through ICON & Level Win

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Australian singer, songwriter, and record producer Vassy joined us at the CalPak popup studio during the Nexus Lounge Miami. She shared some travel tips, teased upcoming collab, and joined the fun in our Take 5 Series!

VASSY, born Vasiliki Karagiorgos, hails from Australia and traces her roots to a Greek heritage. She was drawn to music from a young age, showcasing her talent and love for singing in various performances. Her early years were marked by determination and a drive to make her mark on the global music scene.


VASSY’s breakthrough came with her collaboration on “Bad” with David Guetta and Showtek. This electrifying track not only dominated charts worldwide but also introduced VASSY’s distinct vocal style to a global audience. The song’s infectious energy and VASSY’s dynamic performance cemented her status as a rising star in the dance music scene.

The Greek-Australian artist has recently created history by becoming the first woman to win the prestigious EDMA ICON Award, as well as the Level Awards – Future of Dance award. Expressing her astonishment and gratitude, VASSY mentioned her roots in a small, remote Australian town, highlighting her disbelief at achieving such an esteemed accolade.

As a singer/songwriter operating in the male-dominated realm of dance music, VASSY takes pride in staying true to herself, setting an example for fellow artists and women alike that genuineness is the secret ingredient for success. She hopes her victory inspires others to chase their aspirations and shatter industry barriers.

 One of VASSY’s defining traits is her collaborative spirit. She has worked with various artists, from electronic music giants to pop icons, always bringing her signature flair to the table. Whether it’s a high-energy dance track or a heartfelt ballad, VASSY’s collaborations are marked by creativity, leaving a lasting impact on listeners.

During the interview, VASSY mentioned her US tour with music icon Aqua. “We did 22 countries, and it was so much fun.” When asked about the possibility of a collaboration, Vassy said, “Something is in the works.”

Even though VASSY’s been rocking it, there’s an aspect of the industry she wants to see become better. Simply put, the game has shifted, and now it seems like everyone’s a DJ. As a dance artist, VASSY’s journey to the top has always been about her killer songwriting, storytelling, and bringing those tales to life with her instrument. “I have never had the passion to DJ, and now it’s like every single person is a DJ. You have to DJ to be bookable for this and that. And there’s just so much emphasis on that.”

To learn more about VASSY, including the most embarrassing moment in her career, listen to our full interview below.

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