Avicii_595x350Swedish producer Avicii is a household name in American homes and in homes around the world due to his already successful tracks and because of his upcoming collaboration for the FIFA World Cup closing ceremony in Brazil.

And he has a few things to say about “North America’s long-delayed embrace of dance music.”

In a recent interview with “The Star” that the trend is “crazy. Once it got its foot in the mainstream, it spread like wildfire.”

The reason for the fast spread was because, as Avicii tells us, “People have started to see how electronic music doesn’t have to be limited, and can be fused into all genres of music.”

When asked why he thought it took so long for North America to really get into EDM the producer said that “it wasn’t until people like David Guetta started making more records with big-name American artists.”

But he also tells us that EDM’s popularity is also due to “artists like Akon and the Black Eyed Peas..incorporating house beats in their music.” He thinks that this slowly “introduced electronic music to American audiences, and opened their minds.

And as one of the most famous EDM producers and Djs, he’s opened our minds to much more than just EDM as a genre—EDM is now a world renown genre that brings people together.