BadVice DJ Shares Valuable Advice and Talks Upcoming Flo Rida Collab

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During Miami Music Week, we sat down with Venice’s very own BadVice DJ in the AOC Gaming Bungalow at Nexus Lounge Miami. The DJ told us about his upcoming project with Flo Rida and his experience at MMW so far and gave some advice to young DJs just starting out in the industry. 

Emerging from the enchanting canals of Venice, BadVice Dj is a musical maverick whose beats rival the tranquility of his hometown’s gondola rides. Collaborating with industry legends like Flo Rida and Chris Willis, he’s crafted chart-topping hits while contributing his talents to global initiatives like Unicef. 

BadVice DJ

With recent releases on esteemed labels and endorsements from heavyweights like David Guetta, BadVice Dj’s latest endeavor, a cover of Robert Miles’ cult classic “FABLE (Happy Even After),” showcases his ability to blend nostalgia with contemporary soundscapes, solidifying his place in electronic music.

Sitting down with us at the Nexus Lounge, BadVice shared that he’s been kept busy in Miami, playing various parties and with many more, including the iconic Black Lizard Party at Mango’s on Ocean Drive, still to come. 

With a track featuring Flo Rida coming out April 29—the title is, amazingly, “You Suck”—BadVice is on a roll, having spent the last decade building his reputation and skills as a DJ. Surrounded by monitors at the AOC Gaming Bungalow, we must ask about BadVice’s setup. The DJ shares that he’s more of a low-key guy gear-wise, usually working exclusively off a laptop and a mini Midi piano. 

Moving into our Nexus Take 5 Series, BadVice reveals his earliest musical influences, including Frankie Knuckles and Little Louie Vega. He adds that as he’s grown and evolved as an artist, so have his influences, with the DJ now finding inspiration from contemporaries like David Guetta, Martin Garrix, and Future Rave. 

When asked about any experience he might have had with scams, BadVice takes a moment to share some advice to young DJs who are entering the industry: “Be careful, do your research. Know who you’re working with.” He’s picked up these lessons having dealt with some unsavory characters in the industry, and we’re glad someone’s taking the time to warn up-and-comers. 

We suggest you check out the full-length and exclusive interview below to hear more from BadVice DJ, including what he thinks about leveling up and the movies that scared him most as a child. And, as always, make sure to follow us on Instagram @nexusradiodance for more exclusive interviews with dance music’s most prominent artists.

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