Barbara Tucker Keeps The House Music Alive With Her B Crew Members

American singer-songwriter Barbara Tucker and her B Crew members Dawn Tallman and Charlotte Smalls brought their infectious energy to the Level Awards space at Nexus Lounge Miami, lighting up the venue and showcasing their exciting solo and collaborative projects.

In every era, there’s a gem that shines brightly. Meet Barbara Tucker—an exceptional entertainer who represents why we love live performances. Her shows are a whirlwind of intensity, fueled by her captivating voice and mesmerizing stage charisma. Barbara possesses that rare talent of uplifting and positively impacting her audience, making her a true standout in the world of entertainment.

Barbara Tucker

Barbara Tucker’s influence in the house community spans over 37 incredible years, earning her titles like the Queen or Mother of House. Beyond her global recognition as a singer, artist, and performer, she wears many hats: writer, activist, mentor, stage developer, event and club promoter, stylist, label owner, artist consultant, and choreographer. Her performances have graced stunning locales across the globe, from Africa to Siberia, Tokyo to Sydney, Russia to Sweden, and more.

In 1997, Barbara Tucker founded The B Crew under Gladys Pizarro’s suggestion, featuring Barbara, Dawn Tallman, and Charlotte Smalls. They collaborated on a hit track called “Peacemaker,” produced by DJ Pierre for Tony Humphries’ Yellow Orange Records. Despite their solo pursuits, The B Crew performed together over the years. Fast forward to 2024, they’ve reunited to work on a new Soulful House single titled “Promised Land (Homage),” paying tribute to Joe Smooth’s iconic 1987 House track. The re-production by Micky More and Andy Tee for Groove Culture has received an incredible response, with each release and remix taking them higher and higher.

The B Crew may be successfulbut they’re far from conceited or diva-like. They see themselves as humble servants of House music, singing with joy and gratitude. Barbara Tucker expressed this sentiment: “House music has been good to us, so we are going to show up for House music till the day we die.” In fact, Barbara has recently announced a bombshell: a book that will share stories, examples, experiences, and lessons learned in House music from its inception to the present day. It’s sure to be a treasure trove for fans and newcomers alike.

To learn more about Barbara Tucker, including the story behind Most Precious Love, listen to our full interview below.

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