Basement Jaxx’s Groovy “Romeo”


Basement Jaxx’s Groovy “Romeo”

This week, we flashback to Basement Jaxx’s hit single “Romeo,” released in 2001 and featured on the duo’s second studio album, Rooty. The track’s upbeat tempo and infectious melody, paired with its soulful vocals by Kele Le Roc, quickly made it a fan favorite and a chart-topping hit across the UK and Europe.


“Romeo” showcases Basement Jaxx’s signature blend of house, funk, and electronic music. Still, it also draws inspiration from various other genres and styles, adding a layer of complexity to this inspirational track. “Romeo” ’s Latin-inspired percussion and horn section reflect the influence of traditional salsa and Afro-Caribbean rhythms on the dance music scene. At the same time, its electronic beats and synths nod to the emerging UK garage and 2-step scenes of the time.

At its core, “Romeo” is a love song, with Kele Le Roc’s crooning over the track’s irresistible groove. But there’s also a playfulness and humor to the song, reflected in the lyrics’ cheeky references to Shakespeare and the playful interplay between the vocal melody and the track’s instrumental elements.

The music video for “Romeo”, directed by Traktor, is just as memorable as the song itself. Featuring a group of elderly dancers performing a synchronized routine in a retirement home, the video is a celebration of life and the joy of dance and a clever nod to the track’s timeless appeal. The video’s humor and playful irreverence perfectly capture the spirit of the song and the band’s ethos.

“Romeo” was an instant classic upon its release, quickly climbing the charts and becoming a pop culture phenomenon. The track’s success helped solidify Basement Jaxx’s place as one of the most innovative and influential electronic music acts of the early 2000s. It remains a beloved staple of the duo’s live shows and DJ sets.

But while “Romeo” was undoubtedly a high point in the band’s career, it was far from their only success. Throughout the years, Basement Jaxx has continued to push boundaries and experiment with new sounds and styles. Their subsequent albums, including Kish Kash and Scars, have received critical acclaim and featured collaborations with diverse artists, from Dizzee Rascal to Grace Jones.

Beyond their studio work, Basement Jaxx has also become known for their unforgettable live performances, which combine high-energy DJ sets with live instrumentation and theatrical elements. Their shows have become legendary for their over-the-top visuals and elaborate stage setups, showcasing the band’s commitment to creating a whole sensory experience for their audiences.

Basement Jaxx has solidified itself as one of the most influential and respected electronic music acts of the past two decades through its innovative approach to dance music and its commitment to pushing boundaries. “Romeo” remains a shining example of their talent and creativity, but it’s one of many highlights in a career marked by constant evolution and experimentation. As the years go by, Basement Jaxx’s influence on dance music will continue to be felt for years to come, and “Romeo” will always be remembered as a classic track that helped to define a generation of electronic music.

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