Bassjackers Describe Emotional Moment Opening EDC Vegas

The Bassjackers joined us at the Big Joe® Lounge for Miami Music Week/Winter Music Conference/Nexus Radio Lounge 2018 to talk about new music, what they look forward to the most during Miami Music Week, and to take Nexus Radio’s ‘take 5’ quiz.

The Dutch DJ and production duo consisting of Marlon Flohr & Ralph van Hilst are best known for their 2013 hit track ‘Crackin,’ and they ranked in 35th place on DJ Mags Top 100 DJs of 2017.

Ralph and Marlon talk about their set during Spinning Sessions [Spinnin’ Hotel] and their dream celebrity dinner party:

“Michael Jackson. Who is a person that would love a lot of good food? The guy from Man vs. Food [Adam Richmond] who does all the food challenges, I think he might be a fun guy but we need a girl in there. I think maybe Madonna would be a really interesting, she knows a lot of people, I would say Madonna or Jessica Alba just for looks.”

The duo shares their most memorable performance ever:

“I think one of the most epic performances ever was probably closing (their own set) the EDC main stage in Las Vegas because it was like a sunrise-set and half-way through the sun rose and I got emotional, it was such a weird feeling. Sometimes you just have those moments where you realize how great it is what you’re doing and you’re like in the moment. I will never forget that moment, it was epic.”

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