Beck has had a long and storied career thus far – ‘Colors’ is his thirteenth studio album, and from his interview with The Spinoff, he’s far from finished. What’s different now from his start over 25 years ago is that he feels like the music he’s making is finally able to be embraced wholeheartedly – the music he’s always been producing is finally matching up with what people are ready for.

“I’m enjoying doing what I’ve always done and having it translate,” he said. “It’s like I’m not actually really even trying to do anything, I’m just doing what I always did, but it, it just finally translates now. Back then I was lucky to have songs like ‘Where It’s At’ or ‘Loser’ that kind of stood out from all the other stuff I was doing. Now there’s a lot more acceptance. It’s sort of like when you get out of school and you find your people, you know?”

Beck’s had a lot of fun with this upbeat album, though he explained that it took many years to make. One of the songs was originally recorded back in 2007! But allowing time for an album to mature allows for better music. He explained that ‘Colors’ didn’t initially have a lot of guitar in it, but felt like some songs were better for the “dirtier” sound:

“We didn’t have a lot of guitar originally. The guitars were very small and then towards the end of the record, we added a bunch of guitars. Like, ‘Up All Night’ didn’t have any guitars and was originally just very much like a dance track and then we added these fuzzy glam guitars,” he said. “I just think it added a little dirtiness. We’re in an era where things are very clean and groomed. And guitars are just a little messy.”

He’s looking to expand even more, when the time is right. While much of Beck’s work could be described as rock or pop, he’s interested in going a little more on the electronic side in the future. “I have a lot of things that I’m working on. I mean the follow-up to the Midnight Vultures was supposed to be an electronic record and I definitely had a lot of songs in that vein but I still haven’t quite felt like it’s the right time for that.”

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