Beyoncé — the singer-actor-dancer, fierce performer and master of social media hype — has once again sent her fans into overdrive as they desperately try and decipher the meaning of a short video she has shared today.

Earlier today, HBO dropped a short video on its Instagram and YouTube page announcing the world premiere of something new from Beyoncé, presumably a new song and music video. Shortly after, Beyoncé too posted the same video on Instagram and included a simple caption: “#LEMONADE 4.23 9PM HBO.”

The video depicts a figure, possibly Queen Bey herself, clad in a plush fur coat with long blonde braids and an ominous tone droning over the top. Near the end we hear her voice ask, “What am I gonna do love? What am I gonna do?” The screen goes black and reveals one word: “Lemonade.”

As of now, it is not clear, as to what “Lemonade” is, or what the “world premiere event” will hold, till of course, the 23rd April, 9pm ET.

You have an idea what it is? Add your thoughts below.