Beyond the Beats: Simon Mills Unplugged

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In a dynamic audio interview at the KEF Pop-Up Studio’s Nexus Lounge, Swiss sensation Simon Mills, best known for his chart-topping hit “Keep Moving,” offered fans an exclusive peek into his musical journey. The interview, pulsating with energy, delved into Simon’s passion for EDM, the significance of sound quality in production, and his commitment to the world of clubby bass house music.

Simon’s career has been nothing short of remarkable, with his Swiss house anthem reaching the coveted number 1 spot and amassing millions of online streams. A-list acts like “Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike,” “Nicky Romero,” “Blasterjaxx,” and “W&W” have championed his work, catapulting him into the spotlight of the electronic music scene.

Simon Mills

With a repertoire of over 20 songs, including official remixes for GRAMMY Award-winning singer Mitch Wong and Eurovision Song Contest participant Naeman, Simon has demonstrated his ability to captivate listeners globally. His tracks have consistently found homes on iTunes charts across Asia, South America, and Europe, solidifying his status as a versatile and influential artist.

Behind Simon’s success are record labels like Future House Cloud, Breeze Records, and TurnItUp Muzik, showcasing his versatility and wide-ranging appeal. Despite his already impressive achievements, Simon shows no signs of slowing down, promising fans more electrifying music in 2023.

The Nexus Lounge interview shed light on Simon’s roots and the journey that led him to become a prominent figure in the Swiss club scene. From learning drums at the age of 7 to mastering the piano, Simon’s musical prowess was evident from an early age. Inspired by artists like Tobu and Swedish House Mafia, he developed an experimental style that sets him apart in the electronic music landscape.

The discussion also touched upon Simon’s live performances, which have taken Europe by storm. With energetic shows alongside star DJs such as Hugel and DJs from Mars, Simon embraced 2022 with 65 performances, including notable venues like NOA Beach Club and the legendary Streetparade in Zurich.

Describing himself as a "little kid with a big dream and a heavenly guideline," Simon Miles expressed his anticipation for the release of new music in 2023. The Nexus Lounge interview provided a glimpse into Simon's creative process, emphasizing the importance of sound quality in both production and listening experiences.

For a deeper dive into Simon Mills’ musical journey, his love for EDM, and insights into his upcoming projects, don’t miss the full interview at the Nexus Lounge. Immerse yourself in the beats that define Simon’s signature style and get ready for a musical journey that transcends boundaries. Listen to the full interview and experience the passion that fuels Simon Mills’ electrifying sound.


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