Bill Nye the EDM Guy!

Science rules – and so does dance music! At least, that’s what it seemed like when Bill Nye and Steve Aoki got together on stage for the Fast Company Innovation Festival.

The two talked about the importance of combining science and creativity. Aoki, whose recent album “Neon Future Odyssey” featured many tracks that explored scientific themes, said that he wanted to talk about more sophisticated issues: “I was trying to find a way to collaborate the ideas of science that interests me and my music. The best way to do that is not just through music but through music videos. Fusing those ideas with the music made it more fun. It’s great to be able to use it as a tool to discuss something.”

And Aoki has plans to keep discussing science in future albums, according to Fast Company: “Nye started writing a science-themed song for Aoki’s next album on stage. Nye calls it Noble Gas, and it’s set to the theme of The Twilight Zone, of course.”

“A strange and astonishing but provable fact is that you and I are made of the stuff of the cosmos,” Nye says. “We are made of exploded stars and other rogue drifting-around material. Carbon, oxygen, iron—what’s more fun than that? The Noble Gas song would start with exploding super novae, then lead to us. And that means that the fact that you and I are made of stardust is one of the ways that the universe knows itself.”

So get ready, because a Bill Nye/Steve Aoki collaboration is in the works!

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