Black and Blue 2022: Everything You Need To Know About the Upcoming Festival


Black and Blue 2022: Everything You Need To Know About the Upcoming Festival

Every year, Montreal, Canada, hosts Black and Blue – one of the world’s biggest Gay festivals.

What Is Black and Blue?

Set up to benefit AIDS/HIV charities, Black and Blue have been run by Montreal’s Bad Boy Club since it was first established in 1991. Across those thirty-two years, the BBCM Foundation has strived to build a festival that dance-lovers would be proud to attend. At the same time, they’ve raised lots of money for an important cause close to many people’s hearts. The funds raised by Black and Blue has helped save lives by providing essential medical and financial care to people who need it.
Black and Blue has grown over the years into a staple of Montreal’s gay scene with a reputation for good times and great music. Ever inclusive, Black and Blue pride itself on being friendly to gay and straight people as an excellent place for those who love to party. So if you’re looking for a fun fall festival to wind down the last of the warm weather, then Montreal is the place to be.

COVID Cancelations

For the last two years, just about every festival or large-scale gathering in the world has been disrupted by the pandemic. In 2020 and 2021, Black and Blue could not run their main event due to safety precautions. Now, with the pandemic mainly under control and far less need to take safety measures, the main event will be returning this year in style.

When Is Black And Blue?

You can already feel the energy as Montreal’s dance scene gears up for an unforgettable October. The ‘mega-show’ main event will occur on Sunday the 9th, with various other events running from the 6th to the 10th. As a result, attendees will have their schedules jam-packed with fun, exciting things to do every single night of the week.

Where To Go

The main event is hosted in a different venue annually and changes the theme to match. This year, it will be held at La TOHU and feature a ‘BLACK AND BLUE 360’ theme regarding the building’s iconic round shape.

Countless Attractions and Events

While some venues are yet to be confirmed, we know that events will include the Party District, the Leather Ball, and the Twinkle Party. There will also be circus performances, professional dance troupes, street arts, and more music than you can imagine.

Buying Tickets

Tickets are not yet on sale but, according to the official BBCM website, should be available to purchase soon. So if you’re excited about this event, we strongly encourage you to keep your eye on that website because there’s no telling how quickly tickets might sell out.

What To Expect From Black and Blue Festival?

Black and Blue is one of the world’s most popular gay-benefit festivals, and that’s for a reason. When it began, there were just 800 people raising money for an important cause. These days, with its incredible atmosphere and so much to do and see, it’s no wonder that tens of thousands of people flock here every year.
Add to that the fact that Montreal is a beautiful city in its own right, filled with fascinating places and fantastic sightseeing opportunities, and you’ve got yourself an Autumn holiday ready-made!
Whether 2022 is your first Black and Blue festival, or you’ve been going every year since it began, we at Nexus Radio hope you have a great time this October!

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