Blasterjaxx Drops EDM Bombshell: Unveiling New Collabs and Game-Changing Transformations

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Blasterjaxx, the dynamic DJ and production duo from the Netherlands, is a musical powerhouse composed of Thom Jongkind and Idir Makhlaf. Their musical journey began in 2010, originating in The Hague, and has been an electrifying ride ever since. Specializing in big-room house and electro-house, Blasterjaxx has carved out a niche, particularly emphasizing the former genre.

 In 2010, Thom Jongkind, aka Scalix, initially formed Blasterjaxx alongside producer Leon Vielvoije. However, Vielvoije’s tenure was short-lived, and Jongkind continued the musical venture solo. Enter Idir Makhlaf, professionally known as Macosta, who joined forces with Jongkind to create the unstoppable force Blasterjaxx.


 The duo gained notable recognition in 2012 with the release of the Reborn EP, a collaborative effort with D-Rashid featuring tracks like “Reborn” and “Where We Go.” This caught the attention of renowned EDM producer and DJ Laidback Luke, who signed the tracks to his label Mixmash Records. In 2013, Blasterjaxx and Billy The Kit produced “Loud & Proud,” subsequently signed by DJ Tiësto to his label, Musical Freedom. Their remixes of Tiësto’s “Adagio for Strings” and “Love Comes Again” further solidified their presence in the EDM scene.

But Blasterjaxx’s talent knows no bounds. They recently remixed the famous game “Tetris” soundtrack and turned it into a nostalgic masterpiece. “We already love the melody for a long time. It’s nice for a change because the sounds would try to make something like the 8-bit sounds.”

Moreover, the SpongeBob song was initially created as a humorous endeavor. Amidst the techno trends, Blasterjaxx made a SpongeBob track just for fun. Surprisingly, when they played it, the response was overwhelmingly positive. Even Steve Aoki admired the song and proposed creating a few tweaks. Excited about the idea, Blasterjaxx welcomed him on board. So, what started as a joke gained popularity across the board.

Regarding new music releases, Blasterjaxx has been notably active in the studio over the past few weeks. “We have a lot of music to release. So, right now, we are getting more picky about what to release. We have some new tricks coming up with Steve Aoki again. We have some other collabs but cannot spoil the tea yet,” the two teased.

With that said, anticipate a musical shake-up in Blasterjaxx’s production! According to them, there’s been a ton of evolution – from the sound getting beefier to the BPM cranking up. Things are becoming more challenging and more tech-oriented, and they’re vibing with the change. “I love it since it’s completely new for us to produce. I mean, the big room sound was repetitive at some point. I love that it’s changing right now.”

To learn more about Blasterjaxx, including a memorable moment on stage, listen to our full interview below!

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