♫ Borgore Sheds his Playboy Persona ♫

Nexus Radio caught up with the notorious BORGORE during Miami Music Week/Winter Music Conference 2018.

Asaf Borger better known BORGORE is an Israeli EDM producer, DJ and singer-songwriter. He is the founder of Buygore records and has released various tracks under other labels such as Dim Mak records, Armada and Spinnin’.

The super-chill Borgore shares his favorite items off the McDonald’s menu, which one of his tracks he would use for a McDonald’s commercial, the inspiration behind his dog review video blog and his personal transition from notorious partier and playboy to entrepreneur and label head.

“I went through period where I was over it- I’m like 30 years old, partying is just kind of out of my system at this point. So I’m doing more writing, I’m writing some pop records.”

Borgore also reveals that he worked on a gay-pop-record called Rain On Me:

“So as I said, I’m tired of partying, so I’m doing more writing right now and in one of my sessions was a very interesting pop song. I don’t know how to say it and I don’t want to sound offensive- but it’s a gay-pop song. It’s interesting because I go around the house singing ‘boy rain on me’ but I don’t know if the song is going to come out- I don’t know what the plan is with it but I love it, it’s sick.”

Asaf also takes the Nexus Take 5 quiz where he answers series fun questions. Listen to the complete interview ↓

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