Brazilian DJ BLANDO is Always Ready to Play

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Joining us at the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam, Brazilian DJ BLANDO talks about visiting Amsterdam for the first time, his musical inspirations, and the release of his upcoming single, “Shout,” a collaboration with Warmada for Black Lizard Records.
Creating and producing electronic music since he was ten years old, Enzo Dal Zotto—now better known by his artist name, BLANDO—first began playing his music at age fourteen, at record label parties and small venues throughout his native country of Brazil.

Today, the artist boasts a collection of successful tracks and collaborations that have garnered him millions of listens on Spotify and a loyal following of just over eighty thousand listeners. Some of these tracks include “Que Se Dane,” a collaboration with Beowülf and Skullwell featuring Rafael Sadan, and BLANDO’s most recent release under Black Lizard Records, “Shout”.

This latest track is an excellent representation of what BLANDO does best, offering up an uncomplicated take on classic house music, rave-worthy in every sense of the word and underscored by production that betrays rare talent and an excellent feel for groove. Released November 14th, the single has amassed over 100,000 streams on streaming platforms.

Visiting Amsterdam for the first time, BLANDO tells us he hasn’t yet had the opportunity to find any favorite restaurants or hangouts in the city—having immediately hit the hay after the long flight from Brazil to the Netherlands—but that he’s excited to do some much-needed exploring in the coming days.

In taking part in our Nexus Take-5 series, BLANDO answered a couple of questions about his outlook on life and music. Relatably, he tells us that if he chose one thing to change in his routine, it’d be to exercise a bit more. He also shares that the three DJs he thinks should rank at the top of DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs competition: David Guetta, Argentinian-based producer ALOT, and fellow Brazilian Vintage Culture.
When asked about the most spontaneous thing he’s ever done, BLANDO tells us that the majority of his spontaneous experiences revolved around filling in for last-minute DJ cancellations. Always ready to charm an audience with his innovative tracks, this up-and-coming artist is a must-listen.

To learn about BLANDO, his most recent releases, and his thoughts upon attending Amsterdam Dance Event for the first time, check out our full-length and exclusive interview below.


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